As a part of the community services that we offer, we are very pleased to include the DostWEB Instant Messenger that allows you to send messages to your friends instantly. Take a look at some of the amazing features that it includes:

Instant Messaging
INSTANT Communication throughout the community… Don't wait to check your e-mail! Messages are sent directly to your computer so you can read and respond in real time.

File Transfer
You can send and receive files electronically by attaching them to an instant message.

All the e-mail support you could ask for…
The instant messenger comes complete with e-mail features so you have the option of sending e-mail messages directly from your messenger.

Customized Skins
One of our coolest features…

Don't settle for the standard format - Try one of our customized skins for a more unique look to your instant messenger.

Customized Member ID Numbers
To match the personalized theme of your DostWEB domain names and e-mail addresses, we provide you with an Instant messenger ID number that matches your Web site domain name (

Online Presence Indicator
Let everyone visiting your Web site know if you are online…
Add an icon to your Web site letting visitors easily know that you are available to chat. If you are online, a "click to chat" message will be displayed. If you are not online, then a "click to send an e-mail" message will be displayed.

Personal Chat
Chatting in real time has never been so easy…
With our simple set-up process, downloading and installing our DostWEB messenger will be quick and easy. Engage in instant conversations with your web site visitors through your web page or send the messenger to a friend to install on their own machine.

Chat Community
DostWEB has created various custom chat group categories that are available for you to join. You can also create your own private chat groups.



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