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With dostweb's Web-based Site Builder you can easily create and manage your site. We have created tools that provide guided customization for individuals with varying levels of experience - from beginners needing a step-by-step approach to more advanced users already experienced in creating web sites. These tools include:
  • Site Builder which comes with numerous design templates that allows you to create a professional looking site within minutes. 
  • Site Copier utility which allows you to easily move a site that you are hosting at another location to your dostweb site
  • Web based File Manager utility which allows you to view, edit, delete, and upload files to your dostweb site. You do not need any additional software to build your site!
  • FTP access which allows you to design your web pages on your PC and publish to your site using tools like Microsoft FrontPage and Allaire HomeSite.

Site Promotion Tools

Once you have completed your site, we give you all the tools you need to announce your site to the world and start generating traffic to it. You can:

  • Announce your Web site - We provide a way for you to tell your friends about your new site, and invite them come build their own.
  • Improve your search engine ranking - We provide tools to help your site score higher for the keywords you submit to the search engines.
  • Submit your site - Automatically submit your site to the top search engines with our quick submission tool.
  • Create a press release - We help you quickly and easily create a custom press release that will be ready to deliver to a local newspaper.

Site Enhancement Tools

Make your site even more powerful and fun to use by adding some of the enhancement features that we offer. You can:

  • Add a page visitor counter - Keep track of - or brag about - how many visitors you have had to your various web pages. Choose from numeric or various graphical styles.
  • Add a Guestbook - Allow visitors to your site to post their comments, names, e-mail addresses, etc. for others to see.
  • Create custom forms - Get visitor feedback or request any other information you might want to know about the people that come to your site. The results will be sent directly to your e-mail address!

Site Tracking Tools

With the dostweb traffic statistics tools, you can use to plan  future efforts for developing your site. You will know how your site is performing and where are the your visitors from. Some of the reports provided include: 

  • Page View by Day & Hour - Displays the number of page views your site has received each day and during each hour for the past 7 days.
  • Most Popular Pages - Shows the number of page views for each page on your site.
  • Top Referring Domains & Pages - Tells you which web sites and web pages visitors came from to reach your site.
  • Most Popular Browsers - Shows you the web browsers that are being used by visitors to your site.
  • Raw Statistics - View the Raw logs used to generate these reports.



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