Global Data Access
Using DostWEB FreeDrive you can travel anywhere - from across the room to across the world - with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data is secure and available for you at any and all destinations where you have Internet access.

File Sharing
With a DostWEB FreeDrive, you can create a collaborative workspace where you can share documents with family, friends, classmates, or clients. With DostWEB FreeDrive, you can select a folder and type in the e-mail address of people you want to share it with, and DostWEB FreeDrive will send an e-mail on your behalf granting people access to the desired folder.

With Surf-N-Save you can save files directly to your DostWEB Freedrive from anywhere on the internet. When you type in the valid URL of a file or web page address, the file will automatically be sent to your Surf-N-Save folder. No more waiting for files to download while surfing the net, just Surf-N-Save and download it from your FreeDrive anytime.

Photo Album
Using FreeDrive, you can create photo albums. You can use DostWEB FreeDrive's photo albums to organize your images and share them with your friends and family. When you upload your photos to your FreeDrive Photo Album, FreeDrive automatically creates a thumbnail. You can view thumbnails of your pictures before downloading the full picture.


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